Our Courses A-Z

Our Courses A - Z

Below is some information about the courses we currently offer. To book on a course, select the 'Book a Course' tab above. If you would like to know more or have any questions about our courses please email our team info@newleafcollege.co.uk or call 01442 864966.

Caring for Someone with a Long Term Illness or Disability 6 hours over 2 sessions

Caring can cover lots of aspects. Supporting someone with a long term illness or disability can be emotionally and physically tiring. This course looks at your emotional wellbeing, the changes in your relationship with the person you care for and offers an understanding of the various policies that aim to support carers.


Coping With Pressures of Daily Living 12 hours over 4 sessions

Have you even wondered what ‘resilience’ means? This course will help you review your ability to cope under pressure and how it can be used to ‘right yourself’. You will identify what has worked for you in the past and think about new ways to improve your psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship.


Daring to Dream 3 hours over 1 session

Everyone has dreams! At this short workshop you will explore the possibility of how dreams can change your life. This course provides a great opportunity for you to think how you might make your dreams happen. You will learn practical ways to think creatively about how to overcome life’s challenges in order to reach your goals, unlock your potential and widen your horizons.


Five Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing 12 hours over 4 sessions

Mental health is everyone's business! This course gives practical ideas of how to connect with others; keep learning; keep active; take notice and give back. The course helps build on the things you already do and learn new skills.  You will be encouraged to plan ahead and take control of the ups and downs of daily living.


Learning for Wellbeing 3 hours over 1 session

This  NEW and Updated course helps you to see how you can improve your wellbeing; whether it's your happiness, your self-esteem or your lifestyle choices. Through understanding the importance of learning and wellbeing for your physical and mental health, you will be able to apply these key aspects to your everyday life. 


Life Skills 6 hours over 2 session

Do you sometimes feel you lack confidence or the skill to take control of your life? This course helps you to reflect on your own situation and celebrates self-esteem as a foundation to understand the importance of positive self-discipline, finance planning, time management and personal boundaries.


Living With a Long-Term Physical Health Need 3 hours over 1 session

This course provides you with an understanding of how living with a long term physical health need may impact on your emotional wellbeing.  During this course you will learn about the effect physical symptoms can have on your life. It will help you develop your skills and confidence to support managing your wellbeing.


Sleeping Well 3 hours over 1 session

Good quality sleep is crucial for living a healthy lifestyle. This course looks at the different stages of sleep and the physiological and psychological benefits sleep has on how you function. You will explore how small steps in your everyday routines can help you get a better night’s sleep to keep you healthy.


Understanding Self-Management 9 hours over 3 session

This course gives you an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills for good health and wellbeing. You’ll be supported to set goals, recognise your strengths and make positive changes. By helping you to review what you might do when things are challenging you’ll learn how you can gain control.


Using Creativity for Wellbeing 3 hours over 1 session

Do you think you aren’t creative? Come and see how creative thinking improves your wellbeing and problem solving abilities. This short course looks at creativity and what it may mean to you and provides creative exercises to improve your wellbeing.