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Monday, July 29, 2019

Autumn '19

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn Term

After a successful Summer Term with course bookings at an all-time high, the Autumn term will return with student favourites including Understanding depression, Mindfulness for everyday life and Sleeping well. Two new co-produced courses and an exciting two-part learning goals workshop join the autumn curriculum of free short courses.

Healthy living, living well (3 hours over 1 session)
Making changes to improve your wellbeing.
On this course you will explore how to improve and better manage aspects in your life including your diet and sleep. You will also explore how to set effective goals which can be used to achieve a healthier lifestyle and benefit your wellbeing.
Learning objectives:
• To explore the principles of healthy eating.
• To explore how sleep and relaxation can benefit your wellbeing.
• To explore the role of movement and exercise in relation to wellbeing.
• To understand the principles of behaviour change and identify goals to improve wellbeing.

‘Who’s bias is it?’ – Understanding & overcoming bias (3 hours over 1 session)
In this session you will explore all aspects of stigma, including self-stigma. You will review disability, and the importance of loss and acceptance, whilst having an opportunity to review both unconscious and conscious bias. You will also explore possible ways to overcome stigma.
Learning objectives:
• To understand how recovery can help to overcome stigma.
• To explore how self-compassion, optimism and hope help to develop connectedness.
• To understand how recognising loss and acceptance can help in recovery.

Setting your learning goals 
The college will be introducing a two-part workshop this term to support students to explore how to achieve their life goals, and how the college can support them in reaching these goals. In the first session you will explore what the college has to offer, why learning can be beneficial for your learning and how to set effective goals. You will complete an Individual Learning Plan with a member of staff, which will be reviewed at the second session.

The Autumn Term starts in September, and bookings for the new term go live on 31st July ‘19.

Author: Beth Wrightson