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Monday, August 10, 2020

The summer term has officially ended

The summer term has officially ended! But don’t worry, we will be back soon with another set of fantastic courses for the autumn term! During the break between terms, the  College will continue to be open and available to students who have queries or would like to enrol. In the meantime, you can stay up to date with the latest news, resources and thought-provoking posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as our website.

Despite the unexpected changes that occurred this year, we have had fantastic feedback in response to our new Zoom courses.

It was also wonderful to see the faces of our students over video conference and we were pleased to see so many of you participating, engaging in conversation and getting the most out of the sessions. We would like to thank all of our students for bearing with us whilst we learn how to deliver our courses via this new digital platform and for learning how to use it yourselves too!

It’s been challenging for all, but we have all thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills and thinking creatively to provide you with online versions of our courses. At present, it is likely we will be continuing to deliver our courses via Zoom for the autumn term and new courses will be uploaded to the website soon; so keep checking back for updates and we will return to the classroom as soon as we are able to!

Having had such a positive experience of ‘going digital’ however, we are also enjoying reducing our environmental impact, such as by reducing our printing costs and working at home rather than driving to the office. Something we will continue to be more mindful of in the future too!

Thank you again, students, for a great term, and we look forward to seeing you soon for the next one!

The New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College team

Author: Louisa Whorrod