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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Spring courses

For autumn, we released new seminars, but for spring, we have some exciting new course releases! Take a peak to find out what they are and how we hope they will help you.

  1. Men’s wellbeing

Co-produced by men, for men. This is a two day course for men only where we consider men’s health. We will be reviewing men’s physical and mental health and how men can look to take control. Part of the course will include thinking about what your challenges might be and how to overcome them.


  1. Women’s health and empowerment

Exploring the journey of a woman from puberty to menopause, this course explores the physical and emotional up’s and down’s of life from the perspective of cisgender women (women assigned female at birth).


  1. Making sense of voices

This two-part course is for those interested to learn more about the experience of hearing voices that others cannot.  Together we will develop a greater understanding of this experience.


  1. Employment and self-management

Would you like to know more about how wellbeing can influence and enhance your employment experiences?  Over two sessions you will learn ways to move towards employment, a practical understanding of your rights when sharing personal information and how self-management strategies support wellbeing throughout the employment process; both pre and post-employment. 


  1. Discover to recover

You will learn how to recognise motivation and strengths as well as develop skills and tools to help you move forward in your life. This course will also explore development opportunities within and outside of the college.


  1. Understanding medication to support mental wellbeing

Students will learn about the role of medication in managing their personal mental wellbeing. This course discusses the benefits, possible side-effects and enables students to feel more confident in making their own choices in relation to medication.

Author: Louisa Whorrod