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Healthy living, living well

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Wellspring Church Centre
1 Wellspring Way
WD17 2AH

Living well, living healthy  (3 hours over one session)

Have you ever wondered what living healthy actually means? On this short course you’ll explore the 4 key aspects of a healthy lifestyle – healthy balanced eating, sleep, movement and exercise, and rest and relaxation. All four aspects are linked and one aspect might be more important to you than another and by focussing on one you’ll find it easier to focus on the others.

Learning objectives:

·  Explore the principles of healthy eating

· Discover how sleep relates to wellbeing

·  Explore the role of movement and exercise in relation to wellbeing

·  Look at the impact of relaxation on wellbeing

·  Understand the principles of behaviour change and identify goals to improve wellbeing

This venue is near local transport links. There is no parking at the venue however there are local car parks nearby.

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