Introduction to addictions & recovery

Addiction can take many forms – from substance misuse to addictive behaviours – but the common factor is that an addiction can have a negative impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. Examine the changes you can make in your life to move towards addiction recovery, learn how to make good choices and deal with the triggers that may set you back.

 Learning objectives:

  • To understand the definitions of addiction and the different models of addictions.
  • Explore what addiction treatment is and what is effective.
  • Learn what sources of help and information are available in your local area.


“This is a seriously underestimated course. I didn’t think I had any addictions as my mind typically thinks of drugs, sex and alcohol abuse. But this really cracked my mind wide open with how I was using shopping and food to make myself feel better as well as how my husband was doing the same with gaming. I’ve now curbed my spending (which has helped me clear my debt and save thousands of pounds!) and I’ve stopped binge eating for comfort; so I really recommend this course for anyone, even those who don’t believe they have any addictions!” – Louisa, student and volunteer

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