Peer Pathway

Do you want to improve your confidence, widen your social circle and gain new skills along the way? If you are already a student at New Leaf Wellbeing College and are looking to take positive steps to engage more actively in life, our ‘peer pathway’ can help you focus on the future. The peer pathway offers an opportunity to be inspired by people with similar goals, through a structured programme led by the college that involves:

  • Creating your learning and development goals with the help of our peer co-ordinator
  • Taking part in a series of practical workshops that give you vital skills to get where you want to in life
  • Being part of a group that learns from each other’s experiences
  • Discovering your potential
  • Reviewing your goals at the end of the programme

Our peer pathway takes the form of six two hour workshops which run across each term, covering topics such as self-confidence, self-esteem, self-efficacy and optimism.  Contact us on 01442 864966 or email  to register to join the next Peer Pathway cohort starting in Summer 2019.

Students taking part in the peer pathway