Student development programme

New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College provides development opportunities for students to move forward in their recovery and to achieve their personals goals. A pre-requisite of being involved in the programme is to have attended our series of workshops ‘Discover to recover’. These workshops are for anyone who wants to move forward in spite of life’s challenges, including those considering taking up new activities, volunteering or employment. You will explore and discover your personal strengths and motivation; learn tools and skills to help you self-manage your recovery journey, as well as some generic skills such as goal setting.

After completing all the development workshops, those who are interested in involvement with the College can discuss with our Student Development Coordinator development opportunities within the college. You will then attend an induction session. You will learn about active listening skills, discuss boundaries and how you might tell your story.

The programme includes matching people to various opportunities within the College at any one time, rather than specifically set roles; including: classroom support/admin both on and off line, expert by experience facilitation and mentoring, coproduction of workshops, courses and seminars etc.

Everyone on the programme will create a development plan, which is reviewed termly; attend group support sessions and other learning opportunities.

Programme dates and times:

We listen to students and involve them in co-production in everything we do. The college continually evolves as we create new courses, seminars and development opportunities throughout the year. The ‘Discover to Recover’ workshops are now available to book for the spring term.

If you want to find out more contact:

  • Tel. 01442 864966
  • Email
  • Online:

Many of our students have had success with the student development programme and have gone on to work within or outside of the College. Read their stories. 


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Feel empowered and grow your skills

Co-production includes getting involved with discussions about how we can improve things like:

  • Our recovery workshops
  • Our courses
  • The operation of the college
  • One off development projects
  • Other opportunities we can give students 

By sharing your opinions, experiences and ideas, you’ll be helping the college meet the needs of students who may be facing similar wellbeing challenges to you. You’ll also be helping your own recovery by developing a range of skills and by actively engaging in one of the five ways to wellbeing: giving back to your community!

Together, with your contributions, and the feedback from tutors, colleagues, the student council and the curriculum board, we will all become a catalyst for change and help guide, influence and improve the college.