Frequently asked questions

How do I know if a course is already full?  

For questions like this please call us on 01442 864966 or email

Do you collect feedback about me?  

As a condition of learning all students are required to provide feedback on the course they have attended. This helps us to learn and develop education programmes in the interests of our students. You are able to provide this anonymously.

How is my wellbeing monitored?  

We request that students complete a short wellbeing questionnaire at the start and end of each course. We also ask your permission to follow up with you at a later date to ascertain the sustained impact of our courses on your wellbeing.

Is there a College Code of Conduct?  

Yes and it is expected that all our students, staff and tutors comply with this. You can view the full College Code of Conduct here.

Do I have to pay for courses?  

We currently do not charge for courses for Hertfordshire residents although this may change in the future. To keep costs low we need students to commit to attending courses they have booked on to.

Where are the courses delivered?  

We deliver courses from a range of community locations across Hertfordshire to make access easier. This is generally around major towns so students will need to make their own arrangements for travelling.

When is the college open?  

Our offices are open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm and our courses run at various times.

Do you supply refreshments?  

There will be water on our courses, but please feel free to bring your own drinks.

I have specific requirements for accessing a course. Can you help me?  

We try to do all we can to cater to a range of diverse accessibility needs. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your needs. Students are expected to make their own arrangements for travelling to course locations but we can help signpost you to any support to help with this.