Monday, October 7, 2019

My Writing Journey

For me writing was always something I had never really found confidence in, I knew I had a lot in my busy mind and had found from time to time that to expel bits and pieces would help me unravel my inner self.

I started New Leaf College to try and apply myself to something and to help offer me some sort of direction after many years of a misdiagnosis, I had been discharged from hospital and was left with this invisible illness that I knew very little about. 

Much to my surprise the classes have given me more than I could have ever hoped for. I began to learn and make sense of things that never really made sense to me before and have met some amazing people along the way.

After a few classes I felt I could sign up to a wide range of classes New Leaf had to offer and for me the Writing creatively for wellbeing was a class that helped me immensely. I learnt about different styles and that there was no right or wrong answer. With that I started to put pen to paper and amazed myself as I found the words so easily strung along together again and again.

Shortly after attending the creative writing course, I then went on to do Daring to dream. I felt so inspired and managed to find the confidence to share a few pieces of work I had finished. Much to my surprise the unthinkable happened and after reading a first piece I had a full class applause and was prompted to read a further piece of my work. I had so much encouragement and people enjoyed my creative writing so much they requested I send it to them. Later my work was added to the college blog and I feel since then my writing is something I find not only therapeutic but a gift. Not only am I learning about my different styles and able to share with others but have found a comfort in learning people admire my work. 

One thing I never explored was poetry, I honestly believed it was not my style, but with the new encouragement and confidence I had developed from the college, and much to my surprise exceeded my own expectations and found the words to write a poem for my beloved grandmother who had sadly passed away after a short illness. I shared my poem at her funeral and was told by so many family and friends it was a great testimony and beautiful tribute to her.

I am so grateful for the ongoing classes New Leaf College offers, it has helped me tremendously this past year and I look forward to the up and coming classes, which have helped to encourage and inspire me and many others, and I continue to grow with as I continue on my journey. New Leaf College has shown me that with a little bit of self-belief you really can achieve anything. 

Finally I would like to share my poem. 

Last night I saw an angel she stopped to visit me, her face was so familiar I know who it must be. She was there for just a moment and as quick it was to see. I hold her beauty in my heart and treasure her visit to me. 

Now I’ve seen my angel, I know that she’s here with me, a torch I hold forever and her memories live on in me. I love you darling grandma and a pray for a day where we are together for eternal life and eternity.

Author: Carrie



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