Wednesday, December 23, 2020

25 things to do on the 25th

How to enjoy Christmas, even if you are home alone

Christmas can be a lonely time for some, and with the new restrictions in place across Hertfordshire, there are now more people than ever spending Christmas alone, or without the family they were expecting to spend it with.

To have good mental health, it is still important to be thankful, have hope, and to look for the positives. If you do enjoy celebrating the festive season, you can still make it a good one by having something to look forward to. Here is a list of 25 thigs you can still do alone or with your household to still make the 25th December an enjoyable day.

Hobbies and activities

  1. Start a new hobby or practice an existing one, but out a Christmas spin on it
  2. Have a Christmas movie marathon
  3. Watch a Christmas plays / book readings online
  4. Track Santa - there are websites that will tell you the current location of Santa


  1. Toast marshmallows over the fire
  2. Bake cookies, cakes or gingerbread men
  3. Make a meal out of it – enjoy a lavish Christmas dinner, even if you’re alone


  1. Stay connected – join online support groups, open presents with your family over Zoom, Phone all of your family
  2. Attend Church
  3. Play card games or online games designed for solo players, like solitaire
  4. Do a Christmas trivia quiz over Zoom

Staying active

  1. Go for a Christmas morning or lunch time walk
  2. Play Christmas music and dance
  3. Sing carols (to yourself or family via zoom)

Reflection and looking forward

  1. Reflect on the good things that have happened this year / your achievements
  2. Think about the things you can look forward to– such as that holiday you wanted
  3. Make plans to celebrate Christmas with your family later   
  4. Practice gratitude


  1. Meditate
  2. Read Christmas cards / stories (out loud?!)


  1. Make a donation online
  2. Make art to sell or give to others / charity

Getting creative

  1. Decorate ugly jumpers
  2. create a Christmas family newsletter to send in the post/via email
  3. Make a Christmas video and send to your family

Author: Louisa Whorrod



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