Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Spirituality and Nature

I think going back a couple of years now, maybe these concepts were not really thought about too much. With us all so busy in our daily lives, it’s easy to get disconnected from the real world around us. Though in more recent times, it’s becoming more apparent of the desire for humans to switch off and connect with our spirit and the nature around us.

A little context into my life: I am a very busy single parent to three children. My time and mind is often filled up with never ending requests and unfinished tasks! I also dedicate my time towards others. Seeing the imbalance and unhappiness here on earth, I offer a listening ear and guidance to encourage others to listen more deeply to their inner selves; helping to bring more feelings of acceptance and peace with the here and now and also optimism for their journey ahead.

Though I feel this is meaningful to me and gives me purpose, I can find myself overwhelmed with other people's thoughts and emotions. So when I feel this way, I know it's time to get out into the woods. Once I am out there, there is this great feeling of separation from the outside world of chaos, rushing and destruction. There is peace, a familiar feeling, freedom. I observe the tree's, curious of their life so far, the ancient wisdom they have absorbed through their long years of watching.

I see the beauty in the nature continuously growing, reaching the light however they can. Often this direction is not straight at all but curved, spiralled and even supported by others. I enjoy these perspectives as I'm able to see the similarities between this and our human life, our own journey, path and directions. We are often faced with decisions, sometimes faced with a crossroads... unknowing of the path ahead. Only when we have chosen a direction may we see that it might not have been the best choice; however as with nature it doesn't stop, it learns and continues to reach for the light. This is true to us, instead of looking back with regret and frustration, see that you have done the best that you could at that time; reflect, learn and keep moving forward.

With just a little time connecting with this energy, I am able to give these intense overwhelming emotions to the earth and receive calming, understanding and connectedness in return.

I would love for you to try this out. Just to go and notice what is around and how you feel by being there, imagining letting these feelings sink into the earth being replaced with kind loving energy.

Author: Kirsty



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