Saturday, March 20, 2021

World Poetry Day

Expression helps our wellbeing by bringing our thoughts and emotions to the surface, allowing us to confront or discard what we see. Some forms of expression includes art, music and drama. But writing? Writing is special. Poetry is special. It’s unique. Poetry is a language that allows us to convey meaning, ideas, feelings and symbols. And today, we celebrate this treasured language.

Below are some poems written by our students. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as us.

This poem is called Hope  and has been written by Amy Susan


This poem by Anne Raines is called in pink.

I see two dresses side by side,
And then I start to think,
Tears well up, the pain I cannot hide,
There should be three dressed in pink.

The anger and resentment has diminished,
But that crushing pain still washes over me,
The hurt and suffering will never be finished,
When I remember or little Natalie.

I fight those memories from time to time,
Life is busier now, with our third,
But to forget her would be a crime,
So I visit her grave for a silent word.

I watch my two smile and laugh,
And suddenly my heart will sink,
As I imagine another in the bath,
‘cos there should be three in pink!

This poem expresses how poetry can make Louisa Whorrod feel whilst writing.

Writing is therapy for my mind
I can be tender, I can be kind
Or unkind.

On paper, I can be honest
Thoughts from my soul kept secret from the rest of the world
Paper won’t tell.

Expressing love, expressing pain;
re-living it time and time again.
But under the moonlight, I find the flow
Oh let it go. Let it go.

Today sadness, tomorrow joy;
as poetry later destroys
the anger
once within.

I’ve bared my soul to reveal my secrets and.
pouring out of my mind, the forgiveness I feel reaches for the stars
and beyond. Gratitude now.


Feeling calm, I put the notebook back under my arm.
Pulling myself out of refection I begin, to live freely, again.

Author: Amy Susan, Ann Raines, Louisa Whorrod



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