Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet…

The title of this blog post is of course a Stephen Hawking quote, when I heard about his death I suddenly knew what I had to write about that morning…

Yesterday it was explained to me how no one can ever fill the “Black-hole” inside of us. You could meet the perfect person, move them into your home have them there for you every waking minute but it will never be enough unless you find peace with a “higher power”, something bigger than us. For many people this could be a god, religious figure or guru but it can equally be the cosmos, the “Big Bang”, Stephen Hawking’s physically plausible point that the universe was created from one single point.

A higher power is needed as a comfort, something people in pain crave. I see it in my mind as what yogurt is to sunburn. When the pain sears, you turn life over to your higher power, your yogurt, and it cools and soothes and so begins the healing process. The only trouble is I walked away from the conversation confused about what my higher power should be? I am not religious, spiritual yes, but I don’t have one true god I believe in.

So what if the idea that we were all created from one single point, has given me my higher power? If we were all created from the one point, then we are all connected; people, plants, animals, sky, stars, gravity…energy. The energy that runs through everything.

Surrendering yourself over to a higher power, takes away the pressure and control of the self. See it as throwing yourself into the ocean. The waves are too strong to fight and no matter what I do, what my actions are, the ocean will do its own thing. Instead of wasting energy fighting against it, I will surrender myself to the ocean, let it run its course and live with the results of where my higher power decides I will be. Letting a higher power guide you through life.

This may sound like I am surrendering all responsibility for my actions. It is not about that, it’s not sitting back and waiting for things to happen or not happen to you. If we are all connected from the one energy, then it makes sense that the energy you emit will be the energy that comes back to you. We can use the example of a driven person (not me!) striving in their career. They work hard towards their goals, they pray for the outcomes they want a promotion for example; it doesn’t happen. Of course they need to reflect on the situation, what part do I need to own and make amends for, was I too demanding on my work force, do I need to improve the way I address people but after that they surrender themselves to the higher power, this was the way of my god, guru, universe… something bigger than me, I am being taken on a different course and I accept that. It’s acceptance of the situation and the past.

You only have to look at Stephen Hawking to see that he lived by the serenity prayer “God give me the courage to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference”. 54 years ago he was given no more than 2 or 3 years to live but he did, he didn’t just exist, he really lived, believing in himself and his theories working hard for his dreams whilst accepting what the universe had planned for him.  He once said; “No matter how difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at, it matters that you don’t just give up”- and just like that, this morning I found my higher power.

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