New site coming soon
New site coming soon

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We're currently working on the launch of our new website but we'll be back very soon! To book a course or find out what's running, please contact our administrator at or call the college on 01442 864966. In the meantime, here are the things you can read now or explore once we're live again.


About us

In case this is your first visit to the site, we're New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College. We're committed to supporting personal recovery and provide students with courses, seminars and resources that help build on people’s capabilities, increases knowledge and skills and offers hope, opportunities and the tools for students to self-manage and take control. Please download our latest brochure for more information.


My account

When our new site is live, you'll be able to see all the courses you've booked, student only materials and you'll be able to cancel your place with the push of a button!


What can help

Storytelling is one of the foundations of our culture. We can create connections by sharing stories From here, you'll be able to read inspiring blogs, newsletters, articles and college updates to aid your recovery.


Student development programme 

New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College provides development opportunities for students to move forward in their recovery and to achieve their personals goals You'll Learn about the programme and how to get involved. In the meantime, for any queries, please get in touch with our Student Development Co-Ordinator.


Our courses

When our site is launched, you'll see a sleeker course A-Z section as well as new look course booking pages! If you're looking to find out what courses we're running this term, please download a copy of our latest timetable.

If you don't find the answer on this page, you can visit our FAQ's section on the new website when we are live. Alternatively, you can contact the college. We're open today between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Need support?

Please email:

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01442 864 966