Your Learning Plan

Some students find it beneficial to talk through what they would like to learn and achieve by attending the college with a member of the college team. To aid this process, the college uses an Individual Learning Plan, a short questionnaire which encourages you to think about your hopes, goals, ambitions and expectations and how the college might support them.  The plan will help you focus your learning experience and allow you to see the progress you have made as you complete courses.

Setting you learning goals

The college will be introducing a two-part workshop this term to support students to explore how to achieve their life goals, and how the college can support them in reaching these goals. In the first session you will explore what the college has to offer, why learning can be beneficial for your learning and how to set effective goals. You will complete an Individual learning plan with a member of staff, which will be reviewed at the second session.

The review meeting gives you the opportunity to reflect on your progress and identify areas for future development.

What happens to the plan?

You will have a copy and the college will keep a copy. Together we will see if the college has helped to make a difference in your wellbeing and to make sure it provides a quality learning experience. We will ask you if we can use your Individual Learning Plan to evaluate the college and how it has helped you to achieve your goals and aspirations. When we do this we will make the information anonymous so you can’t be identified.


You can download an Individual Learning Plan here.

Individual learning plan