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Welcome to the New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College

We offer opportunities to learn about wellbeing and recovery by providing a unique curriculum designed to increase knowledge, understanding and skills to equip you with the tools to live a meaningful, productive and fulfilling life.

We believe you are the expert in your own recovery. Our courses can help you overcome a range of mental health challenges as well as find ways to incorporate healthy wellbeing techniques into your everyday life.

Our courses are co-produced and co-delivered with experts by experience and experts by profession, meaning our courses are designed to give you the most relevant information that have been proven to help you with your recovery.


Latest News

We are pleased to release the latest college newsletter with interesting content about upcoming courses, the student development programme, international women’s day and sleep day; as well as some tips for how to look after your wellbeing. We have also added the latest version of the spring timetable.

MSc Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion(Online)

Do you have a lived experience of using mental health services? Would you like to use your experience to study further education with the University of Hertfordshire? The MSc Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion(Online) course is recruiting for September 2021. Read more and find out how you can apply in our latest news article.

Random acts of kindness week: 15th - 21st February

Giving is one of the five ways to wellbeing. The week of the 15th -21st is random acts of kindness week, with random act of kindness day taking place on the 17th. We have listed 21 ways that you can give, both for yourself and others. Read the full random acts of kindness article.

Getting comfortable with Zoom

We are delighted to announce the release of a new course focused on helping students feel more comfortable using Zoom. This course is friendly, informal and a great way to problem solves technical difficulties ahead of joining other courses. Read more about our getting comfortable with Zoom course.

The benefits of creativity for wellbeing

As well as with your mood, creativity helps:

  • promote thinking and problem-solving
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • with feelings of accomplishment and pride
  • improve your ability to focus
  • to encourage us to be lifelong learners
  • give you a sense of purpose
  • you to enter your happy zone and have fun
  • promote risk-taking and  iteration
  • is a prerequisite for innovation
  • link you to others with the same passion

Join our wellbeing and creativity class to discover how to harness your creativity further.

New courses

We are proud to announce that we now have additional courses and seminars available for you to book from today. These include:

New seminar formats

From January 27th, our seminars will be delivered in a new format, similar to that of a webinar. This will mean that entering and using Zoom awill be slightly different in the seminars to what you may be used to doing for our courses. The new format is very simple and we have supplied two guides; one for the seminars and one for the courses.

The difference between courses and seminars:

  • Our courses are three hours long and requires all students to interact and participate in the lesson. This is so that everyone gets the best experience out of the courses. When entering the course, students will be added to the waiting room and the tutor will check that the name on Zoom matches the name used to register for the course.
  • Our seminars are only 45 minutes long and do not require students to interact, use their microphone or have their camera on. When entering a seminar, you will automatically be admitted to the seminar, but your name on Zoom must still match the name used to book your place.

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