Fidelity criteria
Fidelity criteria

Fidelity Criteria

The fidelity criteria is a set of principles that the college adheres to.

The goal of the fidelity criteria is to facilitate recovery through education that:

  • Inspires hope through culture, environment and relationships
  • Supports people's self-management and to take control of their wellbeing
  • Facilitates access to opportunities through learning, personal learning goals, and community connections.


Our fidelity criteria ensure that the college is accessible and beneficial for all.


Recovery-focused learning opportunities that increase knowledge, self-management, and health and well-being.


People with lived experience are equal partners and have the knowledge to help develop the college.


Support individuals to make their own choices


The college will offer learning opportunities to students of all abilities, cultures, ages, and experiences. Everyone's contribution will be recognised and valued.


The college will actively engage with all stakeholders to coproduce courses and facilitate student development into opportunities for paid and unpaid work, education, or remaining in employment.

Recovery Focused

Achievements, strengths, skills, and qualities are identified and built upon. 







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