How the college helped us

Incredible stories and mental health transformations

Hear the stories of two Hertfordshire locals who transformed their mental health from feeling suicidal to living fulfilling and empowered lives. 

Louisa Whorrod & Michelle Karpus tell Leslie Tate their mental health and recovery stories 3.8.22 by Radio Dacorum | Mixcloud

I attended your practising self-care course and just wanted to reach out to say thank you. Your college is so unique and so needed. Empowering ourselves is the key here. Much of the content of the course I mostly knew (however, the jug theory was brilliant!), but it didn’t matter, I hadn’t realised just how lonely I was until I came along. Being amongst brave, honest people willing to be vulnerable amongst strangers and share stories was invaluable to me, and I had some truly life-changing conversations in that short amount of time if you can believe it. I left feeling held, and my energy lifted! The course leaders were fab, and I just think what you’re doing is amazing

- Roxanne Sheward, Student

I started with you guys in November 2020 when I really was at a low point during lockdown. All the staff I have had the pleasure of dealing with have really helped me and been so friendly and caring throughout. From all the trainers, to the people that I called to help me when I have booked the wrong course! You have all been great. I really don’t know how I would have continued to keep going without all of your support and training.

I have attended 11 different training sessions with you now and I have learnt and refreshed my knowledge and feel in such a better place. When I first joined you I didn’t know what to expect and you were the only provider that was able to enrol me and start me straight away. I really feel that you saved me from a total downward spiral and I will be forever grateful for that.

I felt able to chose any course that was going to help me without any pressure. The fact that they were all free was a life saver as although I work two jobs I am on a really tight budget. My employer also let me complete training during work time so that it helped keep me in work, I am blessed with working for a great company and have had two great bosses.

I have highly recommended you to my Doctors, the Mental Health team and all my friends and family.

I want to say thank you so much! You literally have saved my life!

- Naoimh Richardson, Student

I have been a student of New Leaf Wellbeing College since last June. After applying to become a volunteer I also decided to join The Student Development Programme. Over six-sessions which I am currently partaking in, I have really enjoyed learning from other students in our small group. We each set learning goals before the workshops in an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). This gives us a focus to work towards.

It’s helped me to discover my potential and I have gained experience from the practical workshops we do. If you’re interested in joining the next cohort and finding out more contact the college. I’d definitely recommend it!

- Lena Parish, Student

I enrolled in the college, and was hugely encouraged by their warmth and commitment to empowering and supporting students to improve their own wellbeing. I've attended and co-produced courses; and participated in The Student Development Programme, which has inspired me, given me a sense of belonging through hearing other's stories and balanced my emotions. I'm committed to sharing these positive feelings with other students, as a volunteer in the college.

I feel excited and open to possibilities. I'm living more in the moment and have clarity that I didn't before.

- Amanda Worthington, Student

Meeting others on the course reduced the isolation I was feeling. These courses helped me regain control over my life and have enabled me to change my own outlook and situation. Since joining the college, I’ve rediscovered my identity, improved my sleep, gained the confidence to return to work, taken on new personal challenges, explored boundaries, overcome relationship barriers and regained my sense of purpose. 

I’m grateful for the caring tutors as well as the other students who have become an incredible support network outside of the college. I've since joined the college as an employee and now help to promote the great work that they do.

  - Louisa Whorrod, Student and expert by experience