Student development programme
Student development programme

Student development programme

Programme aim:

The student development programme aims to foster hope, optimism and control, enabling people to strengthen and manage their mental health and personal recovery.

Programme objectives

Are to:

  • Increase student connections and a sense of belonging.
  • Help students create meaningful goals that promote personal recovery and support their aspirations.
  • Enhance students’ mental wellbeing by helping them develop resilience, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-acceptance, hope and optimism.
  • Offer opportunities for students to contribute lived experience to enhance other students’ experience and learning.

What the programme offers

Students will explore and discover personal strengths and motivation and learn tools and skills to help self-manage their recovery. The Programme is for one academic year and offers:

  • Development Opportunities
    • You can develop skills and enhance your recovery through the College’s development opportunities.
    • It would help if you reflected on your individual development plans and how these opportunities might help you achieve your aspirations and goals. The opportunities may include involvement in the classroom, attending coproduction meetings, participating in workshops and events, and work experience opportunities in the office. Use the support offered to discuss what would suit you best and how to use your existing skills fully.
  • Individual Development Plan and ongoing support
    • Creating a development plan with support and termly review with a Student Involvement Coordinator
    • Ongoing 1:1 support with a Student Involvement Coordinator
    • Opportunity to create a Wellbeing Plan
    • Monthly Group Support & Supervision Meetings.
  • Programme handbook with self-reflective exercises
  • Teaching modules and sessions
    • Ten teaching sessions on mental health recovery-related topics (see contents page)
    • Mandatory online and in-person HPFT training
    • INSET / one-off teaching sessions.
If you would like to find out more, contact us via email or telephone: 01442 864966.