Using Zoom
Using Zoom

Using Zoom resources

If you are looking for support on how to use Zoom to join the college, the college provides a ‘getting comfortable with Zoom’ workshop. You can get free tech support at your local library or you can use the resources below, which may help you to get started with Zoom sooner.  

Joining courses

Using Zoom for our courses guide

This PDF Course Zoom guide shows you everything you need to know about using Zoom to access our courses.

Getting started guides

Written guides for getting started with Zoom.

This written online guide on the Zoom website teaches new users how to get started with Zoom. If you prefer, here is an alternative written guide for new users.

Videos, Zoom Learning Centre

Video guides and Zoom Training platforms

This complete beginners' guide to Zoom video can teach anyone everything they need to know to get started with Zoom.

Visit the Zoom Learning Center for a range of guides and training resources to get started on Zoom

Digital skills, equipment

Need help updating your digital skills or getting access to equipment?

This blog on our ‘what can help’ page discusses how to get digital skills support and access to equipment

Changing names

Make the name on your device match the name on our register

Only regsistered stduents can enter our courses. You can watch a video to learn how to change your name on your device to match the one on the register


Training and Troubleshooting

Learn more or get help with troubleshooting

This link takes you to Zooms support centre, where you can access free Zoom training courses.

If you have technical questions, follow the link to the Zoom website where you can troubleshoot

Need support?

If you want some help to book this course or to find a course that's right for you

Please contact us

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