How we've helped our students 

Our courses have helped many sof our student's overcome a range of wellbeing challenges. Some of our students have demonstrated how they have learned to manage their wellbeing on our student blog. The majority of our stduent's also reported that they felt better imediately after attending their chosen thcourse. 

We believe that you are the expert in your own wellbeing, and encourage students to attend any course that aids their recovery. After choosing and attending our courses, students fed back that they have beneefited by: 

  • Lifting their depression
  • Having the time to reflect
  • Feeling accomplished
  • Becoming more creative
  • Improving relationships with others
  • Gaining new friends
  • Overcoming fears and anxieties
  • Learning how to feel more in control
  • Feeling better about things they cannot change
  • Feeling empowered to change their situation
  • Discovering new life skills 
  • Learning to cope with pressure
  • Identifying and eliminating stressors in their life
  • Improving self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Starting new/rediscovering favourite hobbies
  • Building opportunities within their existing situation

In our testimonials video below, some of our students tell you what it was like doing our courses and how we have helped them wirh their wellbeing.

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what students say

‘Recovery is a lighthouse for hope.’  Bolatito Adepoju (Student 2020)

‘The breakout groups it was a lovely supportive group that were very friendly. Listening to a person whom has been through and others that are currently going through aspects where they hope to have a dream. The ideas and links to thinks that could help you.’

‘The enthusiasm of the course leader; the lack of pressure to talk i.e the acceptance of the tutor of individual needs. The Expert by Experience talking about  goals/story inspiring - the content, the delivery, hearing success stories - all combined to make us feel that dreams and goals are achievable. Recommendations of journals/diaries and links to videos and other sources for further self-directed learning.’

‘Learning and challenging my perception of self-compassion. Hearing from others and their experiences. Having time to reflect and learn.’

‘The tutor and peer tutor were both fabulous and had great personal experience. It was lovely to be able to see the other participant’s faces. I enjoyed working in the same group for the 3 break out rooms as we got to know each other a little and see each other’s progression throughout the course.’

‘The manner in which the tutors presented the course was very knowledgeable, engaging, and friendly. The slides they referred to where well written and user friendly. The topic itself was amazing, especially the bit explaining how stress and anxiety relates to pain in the biochemical sense.’




I have been a student of New Leaf Wellbeing College since last June. After applying to become a volunteer I also decided to join The Peer Pathway. Over six-sessions which I am currently partaking in, I have really enjoyed learning from other students in our small group. We each set learning goals before the workshops in an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). This gives us a focus to work towards.

It’s helped me to discover my potential and I have gained experience from the practical workshops we do. If you’re interested in joining the next cohort and finding out more contact the college. I’d definitely recommend it!

- Lena Parish, Student


I enrolled in the college, and was hugely encouraged by their warmth and commitment to empowering and supporting students to improve their own wellbeing. I've attended and co-produced courses; and participated in the Peer Pathway, which has inspired me, given me a sense of belonging through hearing other's stories and balanced my emotions. I'm committed to sharing these positive feelings with other students, as a volunteer in the college.

I feel excited and open to possibilities. I'm living more in the moment and have clarity that I didn't before.

- Amanda Worthington, Student


Meeting others on the course reduced the isolation I was feeling. These courses helped me regain control over my life and have enabled me to change my own outlook and situation. Since joining the college, I’ve rediscovered my identity, improved my sleep, gained the confidence to return to work, taken on new personal challenges, explored boundaries, overcome relationship barriers and regained my sense of purpose. 

I’m grateful for the caring tutors as well as the other students who have become an incredible support network outside of the college. I've since joined the college as an employee and now help to promote the great work that they do.

  - Louisa Whorrod, Student and expert by experience

Student blog

Read our student blog to learn other ways in which our courses have helped students with their wellbeing


‘I found them both (tutor/expert by experience) to be very knowledgeable, personable and the material was taught to a very high standard. I really liked the environment, it was a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere and a warm welcome was given to students. I enjoyed doing the mindfulness exercises as a group and found tutor’s directions very soothing when she was guiding us through. Opportunity was given for everybody to speak.’

‘The facilitators were welcoming and Kind. Use of life experience and sharing their knowledge. Allowing us to contribute and to interact in the course.’

‘Really opened my eyes to what I need to do to improve my wellbeing; facilitators very knowledgeable.  A light bulb moment was when the Tutor said "Depression doesn't define who you.’

‘The importance of good food, exercise, continual learning, good positive relationships and enjoying something for yourself, ie, time, exercise or a hobby.’