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What can help

Storytelling is one of the foundations of our culture. We can create connections by sharing stories – especially those that offer inspiration and hope. Recovery in mental health is not always well understood; sharing your story makes personal recovery come alive. It also supports values and strengthens lessons learned from life experiences. It helps to build community and create connections.

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We can't help everyone, but we can help someone

09 June 2022

A carers story

We can't help everyone, but we can help someone

The world is a happier place because of carers; paid carers, unpaid carers and people who just care.  Thank you all.

When I think back, these wonderful people have made life a little bit easier. Three occasions particularly come to mind.

The first time was on my first day at school.  I was a tiny little girl, very timid, unused to big noisy environments, and everyone was concerned about how I would manage!  Hiding behind my mum’s legs, I felt very scared.  Then I saw this little girl who was much bigger than me, with a big smile and big bright coloured ribbons in her hair.  She walked straight up to my mum and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll look after her!”.  She held my hand and we went in together.  I never looked back.  She was a born carer. 

Another time which comes to mind was when I was struggling to get my boys the care they needed at school.  There were two fabulous family support workers who would come and visit me occasionally.  They would say, we’re not supposed to be here, but we care about you and know that all you really need is someone to remind you that you have the strength to carry on.  It was wonderful to know that someone cared.

Most recently, I drove to a support group meeting and my car exploded in smoke on arrival.  When the engine calmed down, I went inside and burst into tears.  I found myself surrounded by caring people, one of whom took charge and contacted the AA for me.

There is something about a carer who just erases all your anxiety and worry and just lets you breathe.  They hug you, hold your hand or just sit there and you think “panic over – someone is here who knows what they’re doing”.  People who have cared, show me that there will always be someone to look after me, no matter how scared or worried I am.

Because that is exactly what a carer is; someone who cares.  Of course, there are different levels of care, from a passing concern to constant 24 hr care for someone.  It all counts and even the smallest care for someone means an awful lot to that person.  There’s a wonderful quote by Ronald Reagan:

We can't help everyone, but anyone can help someone