What can help
What can help

Storytelling is one of the foundations of our culture. We can create connections by sharing stories – especially those that offer inspiration and hope. Recovery in mental health is not always well understood; sharing your story makes personal recovery come alive. It also supports values and strengthens lessons learned from life experiences. It helps to build community and create connections.

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Random acts of kindness week

Louisa Whorrod
Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Random acts of kindness week

Giving is one of the five ways to wellbeing. Giving helps our mental health because it can improve our self-esteem, lower stress and improve our mood, leading to fewer symptoms of depression. It can also improve our life satisfaction and give us greater happiness.

The week of the 15th -21st is random acts of kindness week, with random act of kindness day taking place on the 17th Feb.

It might feel harder to give whilst we are in lockdown, but there are still many ways we can make a difference. Below are 15 ways we can give during lockdown, and 5 additional ways you can give to yourself, because you deserve kindness too!

For you to give

  1. Offer to buy someone a coffee for when you can meet up in the future
  2. Send someone a card / e-card
  3. Write gratitude and celebrate all the positive people that contribute to your life
  4. Make a phone call / Make a video call and tell someone you appreciate them
  5. Send a positive text
  6. Throw a (virtual) party just to celebrate your friends for who they are
  7. Donate (clothes, items, money, food, animal food)
  8. Complement someone
  9. Run an errand for a family member who is busy
  10. Email or write a letter to someone who has made a difference to your life
  11. Smile at strangers to your walk or smile at the store clerk
  12. Send a gratitude email to a colleague
  13. Offer to babysit so we can give our other half / support bubble a break
  14. Pick up litter on your walks
  15. Take flowers or treats to the nurses’ station at your nearest hospital

For you to give to yourself

  1. Do something you love today
  2. Post inspirational sticky notes around the house
  3. Write a positive message on the mirror to yourself
  4. Do some reading for relaxation or self-development
  5. Create a self-love jar full of compliments to boost yourself later
  6. Consider doing free courses and seminars to help you maintain good wellbeing