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Monkey Business Bubbles

09 December 2021

Monkey Business Bubbles

I can imagine small light bubbles flowing through the air, coming out of the human existence that which are our thoughts. There are so many thought processes inside the human mind, consciously and subconsciously, I like to think of  these thought processes as a different coloured bubbles depending on how the emotions reflect our thought process; anger, sadness, happiness, envy, jealously.

As our bubbles get higher into the sky they fill with white clouds or sunshine, heavy sound of thunder, sparks of lightening, the clouds turning black into the dashing teardrops of light or heavy rain. They raise our vibrations out in to the earth's soul, no matter how positive or negative.

Negatively, our thoughts get louder, manifesting and linking into other bubbles. The sound of the bubbles multiplying, raising our energies of negativity even more, going up and up into the earth's natural energy, held all around us. It is okay to feel this way. It is okay to feel these negative emotions. It is how the mind actively feels, time and time again. But when you pop these bubbles, you feel a sudden release; a breath of fresh air as your bubble pops into the atmosphere and disappears.

There is a new bubble to a natural state of being grounded from the earth, within yourself, and peace. These bubbles are the understanding that this is only a temporary emotion, even though it does not feel like this at the time. This also reflects the transition to positive thoughts; a ying and yang approach. You cannot have positive bubbles without the negative bubbles. These bubbles will fluctuate from to time-to-time dependant on life experience; and bubbles within another bubble reacting inside your soul, body, mind and spirit; reactive and interactive within the universe. Each bubble, each thought, will have a different or similar response which we portray inhabitants on our golden paths of our own spiritual awakening.

Having the awareness of our bubbles, our own thought processes, allows us to look within our souls, the known feeling of being awake in a spiritual reality of one's self. The realisations we give ourselves when we have a light-bulb moment. The mind is a complex variable, vibration of bubbles. If one can calm the bubbles, one can relax, one can change. The change will not be easy. The change looks deep within ourselves and reflects on a deeper meaningful path. The changes of not allowing your mind to be its own creature of habit but instead growing, educating, meditating and understanding; will you learn to inhabit change?

Change can be a discomfort, it could be positive, it could also be negative experience, but all life lights experience come with knowledge. We are all learning each day. Taking time out for ourselves is not selfish; it is building awareness. To take a deep breath, live within the elements that surround us, work on personal development. Not being stuck in a rut, better yourselves with what you have learnt from the days experiences and reflect on how you can shift a perspective to gain a positive bubble that surrounds you;  beaming into another one's soul. Bubbles that makes us feel good, that makes us feel healthy; diverge into the unknown source of what we call reality, inhabiting on the earth. We are all one, we are all the same human being, we are all unique. We have purpose, even though we may walk through our spiritual paths alone, we are not truly alone. There are vibrations happening all around us, energies filling up the whole space-time continuum, buzzing on electrolytes; thankful that we can find another soul that shares our experiences, our likes, our dislikes, forming and changing every day; influencing and still influencing whilst we are asleep.

We then wake up to the following day and the idea of not knowing where the day will lead us changes our bubbles within a bubble. New doors open, new challenges arises, the idea of learning from our past souls experience is the only superpower that keep our mind from what I like to call these monkey business bubbles.

A bubble with G, a bubble without G, a bubble about learning how to create your own bubble; your life is not over yet, and your life has many untold stories. You are your own authors of your own bubbles. What you do with your bubbles is entirely up to you. To be able to calm your emotions, sit in stillness, and explore open opportunities is a good bubble, a happy bubble, a colourful bubble; formatting into its own sense of security, confidence and self-worth.