Welcome to the New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College

We understand that sometimes life can be hard. Here we can help people to lead a happy and fulfilling life despite life’s challenges. 

We do this by providing FREE education-focused wellbeing short-courses that help people to better manage their own wellbeing. 

Our courses offer theoretical based knowledge, helpful skills and useful tips for reaching your wellbeing goals and helping you to overcome a range of wellbeing challenges. 

We give you time to reflect upon your own situation and allow you to consider your own wellbeing, in a friendly and relaxed teaching environment. 

Our primary goal is to provide you with courses that promote recovery and self-management so that you learn how to build resilience and manage your own wellbeing. As such, all of our courses are co-produced and co-delivered by experts by profession as well as experts by experience, meaning you will be able to see how others have improved their own wellbeing too.

Read more about the college to discover who we are, what we do and how we create courses to inspire hope, opportunity and control.

For information about how we can offer our courses free of charge, visit our partners and funding page. 

How we have helped other students

We have helped hundreds of student's overcome a wide variety of wellbeing challenges. View our testimonials page or read our student blog to find out how they learned self-management skills and other recovery methods to improve their mental health.

how our courses can help you, view our course A-Z page or click the button below to see our current courses.

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Email: info@newleafcolleg.co.uk

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About Recovery

Recovery is about having hope and aspiration that you will, and can, take your life where you want it to go. 

The term recovery means to rebuild a life which has meaning, is valued and satisfying for the individual, rather than ‘recovery’ from symptoms and events, which aren’t always be possible (Perkins 2012)

Our courses follow a strengths-based approach, focusing on empowerment, resilience and gaining control over life’s challenges. Our courses teach self-management and follow the recovery principles below.:


We aim is to provide you with as much information, resources and tips as possible to aid your recovery. Visit our course A-Z page to discover how our courses can help you, or view our resources section to discover even more ways to improve your wellbeing!

Further development

For those considering taking up new activities, volunteering or employment, the college provides you with additional development opportuniies. Read more on our student deveelopment programme page.