Who we are

New Leaf Wellbeing College offers a range of free short educational courses which give you the skills and knowledge to help you better manage your wellbeing.  Attending the college also gives you the opportunity to reflect upon your own situation and consider how you can build on your strengths to achieve better wellbeing.

The college is available free of charge to all Hertfordshire residents aged 18 and over. 

All of our courses are co-produced, meaning that content is planned and discussed with people who are experts by experience and people with professional knowledge of our course topics. This ensures course content is relevant and what students want. College courses are co-delivered by a Tutor and a Peer Tutor who has lived understanding of the subject matter.  Throughout the course the Peer Tutor shares their personal experience with their wellbeing and how they have applied the theories covered in the course to their daily life.

Students are encouraged to consider the college as a learning facility rather than as a therapeutic setting, and that they control their own learning experience. The college is strengths based and person centred, allowing people to discover their strengths and resources to reach their own goals, from confidence building to improving resilience and feeling more connected.

All courses support the college values:

Hope – instilling hope for the future despite life’s challenges

Opportunity – hearing the experiences of others to help you learn and be inspired

Control – equipping you with the knowledge and skills to make the changes that are right for you

Students of the college are encouraged to use any of our ten venues across Hertfordshire. We understand that there may be a range of accessibility and learning needs, so please discuss these with us on enrolment so we can support your access to the college.

Here some of our students talk about how the college has helped them...