Digital skills and inclusion
Digital skills and inclusion

Digital inclusion and IT support guide

Download a copy of the digital inclusion leaflet or request a printed copy to discover access to equipment, where to find free IT support, guides to getting online, useful telephone numbers and a list of various courses to build your computer skills

Digital inclusion PDF

Updating your skills to access Zoom


Below are a number of links to organisations and websites to help you update your digital skills

1. Are you a carer?

Visit Carers in Herts to find development learning opportunities, including IT Q&A sessions and focused learning, such as how to use a tablet. Contact: Laura Mitchelmore Call 01992 58 69 69

2. Local Library

Local library members can take IT for beginner sessions and has an IT champion whose job is to help people access the internet

3. Free IT courses and digital inclusion support

There are a number of free IT courses online, such as those via the national careers service
Age UK are also offering free support to help people learn how to use a tablet or get online. Find out more by calling 0300 345 3446 or emailing

4. Practicing Zoom

Zoom hosts free training sessions and there are a number of free online videos for beginners on YouTube. Our handy 'how to use zoom' resource page gives you a variety of links to guides, courses, training, videos and troubleshooting pages.

5. Asking others

Take opportunities to access equipment or practice using your own with friends and family to become more confident with using Zoom.

6. Asking others

Take opportunities to access equipment or practice using your own with friends and family to become more confident with using Zoom.


Locating equipment and digital inclusion projects

  • Those who join their local library as a member can use their computers for free for two hours.
    • Our taster sessions are 45 minutes and members can pay for extra time at discounted rates for courses that are longer.
    • You can find your local library online or by calling 0300 1234049. The library also offers IT lessons for beginners
  • Check if you can receive funding to buy equipment from the Royal British Legion.
    • Those that have served or families of those that have served can contact them by calling 0333 258 5463
  • Contact various digital inclusion charities who can provide devices; such as:
  • If you need support to break down digital barriers for getting a job or staying in work, contact the City and Guilds foundation

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