Supporting others
Supporting others

What we do

We recognise that people are expert in their own recovery and wellbeing. Our FREE courses help people over the age of 18 living in Hertfordshire to better manage their wellbeing. People with a lived experience of mental and/or physical health challenges help to create and deliver our courses. The courses are focused on supporting mental health recovery and help to increase knowledge, skills and promote self-management. They are taught in a friendly and relaxed environment and allow people to connect.

What you can do

We hope that someday, everyone will promote recovery and use recovery language. It has been proven that recovery focused activities, materials and courses can enhance peoples wellbeing and provide them with the skills to self-manage. You can help support others by promoting recovery focused methods. 

Promote recovery

The power of recovery language by The Academy of Professional Excellence

Recovery is unique to each person. It can overcome obstacles, build resilience and embrace all of the possibilities in life without being burdened by the labels and stigma associated with mental health diagnosis. You can learn more on our recovery page.

The Academy for Porfessional Excellence also discusses how recovery language is about creating an environment that allows all of us to be fully recognised as people. It is language that puts the human and the person before the diagnosis. You can find out more about the power of recovery language by watching their recovery language video.

Refer someone

We encourage people to enrol themselves, however we do appreciate that trying something new can be stressful, and some people may need a little support and encouragement.

If you support someone who you feel would benefit from educational courses that promote recovery and self-manage, with their consent, you can make an expression of interest on their behalf.  Please contact us with the potential student’s information at and we will get in touch with them directly to discuss the college and possible learning experiences. 

Support our work

Sometimes it can be helpful to share our college timetable with a person you support.

You can link to our pages from your own websites, and you can share our articles and newsletters from our what can help section. You can also visit our press page and contact us for latest news and press to share in your own publications and websites.

You can download the latest timetable and brochure below, or you can request physical copies of our brochures, timetables, prescriptiopn pads and posters.


Can I request information about someone I have referred?

All information we hold about our students are confidential. Therefore, we are unable to provide details about attendance or experience to anyone other than the individual themselves.

Certain circumstances may be considered and will need to be discussed with the development manager directly.

Can I attend a course with someone I am supporting?

Yes. However, for safety reasons, we are limited to the number of students we can have in any one class. As such, we require all attendees, even those who are not participating, to book onto the course.