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What can help

Storytelling is one of the foundations of our culture. We can create connections by sharing stories – especially those that offer inspiration and hope. Recovery in mental health is not always well understood; sharing your story makes personal recovery come alive. It also supports values and strengthens lessons learned from life experiences. It helps to build community and create connections.

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29 June 2023

A student poem


My bank balance isn’t so happy these days,
But the thing I’ve found is priceless.
I guess for everything else there is Mastercard and some creative accounting.

I spray the mirror with the milky white polish and deeply inhale the rich scent.
A shiver runs down my spine as a squeak pierces my ears as I wipe away the grime and streaks.

My mask is pulled away and I see myself for the first time.
Initially, I dare only to take a brief fleeting glance.
But I can’t keep my eyes away and am entranced.
Not because my ego has ballooned,
So my head won’t fit through the door,
But because the light shining from my eyes reflects off the mirror and dances joyfully around the room.

My jaw is no longer clenched,
But chiseled and lightly floating into a calm and natural smile.

I release a deep breath and get encapsulated in exploring my colours, patterns and textures.
It is a musical peace.
I have found me.

No one sees my fireworks,
But I walk with one body and mind,
With my head held up looking straight ahead.

I know there is a future and I won’t always be lost.
Although a trip to choose new spectacles sure takes longer.


------ A note from New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College -----

If Cameron's poem inspired you, feel free join one of our courses to learn more about using expressive writing for your wellbeing, acceptance and recovery and overcoming self-stigma.  Find these courses and more on our course A-Z page.