Who we are

We see students for who they are and the strengths they have within themselves

Our core aim is to encourage self-management through delivering education-focused short-courses free of charge to all Hertfordshire residents aged 18 and over. 

The College looks to inspire you to become your own hero and encourages optimism and good wellbeing practices through offering tips, guidance, advice and inspiring words of wisdom. The College does this via it's courses, resources and social media.

About recovery

Recovery is about having hope and aspiration that you will and can take your life where you want it to go. 

The College offers hope and the tools for you to tread the recovery road that you wish to take. Along every step of the way, we walk with you and offer support, tips, resources and advice. The College will also offer challenge, so that you learn how to take charge and manage your own wellbeing. 

About us

The College has been delivering courses since 2016 and has helped hundreds of students overcome a range of wellbeing challenges.

Our short educational courses give you the skills and knowledge to help you better manage your wellbeing.  Attending the college also gives you the opportunity to reflect upon your own situation and consider how you can build on your strengths to achieve better wellbeing.

The college is funded by our partners and follows the values below in line with the principles of recovery:exp

Our ethos

Short courses are taught in a friendly and relaxed environment. Our key principle is that recovery is based around self-management. With this in mind all of our courses are strengths-based and person-centred, allowing people to discover and build upon their strengths, skills, achievements and qualities, as well as identify resources to reach their own goals: from confidence building to improving resilience and feeling more connected.

All of our courses are co-produced, meaning that content is planned and discussed with people who are experts by experience (such as our students) and people with professional knowledge of our course topics. This ensures course content is relevant and what students want. College courses are co-delivered by a tutor and an expert by experience who has a lived understanding of the subject matter. Throughout the course our experts by experience share their personal wellbeing experiences and how they have applied the theories covered in the course to their daily life.

How we support students

We believe students are experts in their own recovery and encourage students to see this as a commitment to themselves and their goals of improving their wellbeing. Students are encouraged to consider the college as a learning facility rather than as a therapeutic setting so that they can control their own learning experience.

Courses are interactive and allow students to connect as well as hear how others have overcome wellbeing challenges. We ask that students interact with the courses so that they get the most out of them, but students are not required to share their personal circumstances or experiences. Some students feel anxious about attending our courses, and that is OK. We offer students the opportunity for us to work with them on a learning plan, as well as help to attend the courses. We understand that there may be a range of accessibility and learning needs, so please discuss these with us on enrolment so we can support your access to the college.

Students of the college are encouraged to use any of our ten venues across Hertfordshire. We have also released online courses via Zoom.

Here some of our students talk about how the college has helped them...

The college also encourages continued recovery and learning and development apportunities after attending courses. Find out more on our student development pages.