Rahaul's story
Rahaul's story

Men's health course improved my mental health

I first enrolled at the college in early 2021 on their men’s wellbeing course and since that first course, my mental health continued to improve, and still does! From then I started to join more courses, learning more about mental health and ways to improve my own. When comparing my mental state now to how it was two years ago, you can really see a significant improvement and I owe a massive thank you to the college for being a positive force in my journey!

I also joined New Leaf Recovery and Wellbeing College as an Expert by Experience in May 2021, as I felt that the next step in improving my own mental health was to start to help others. It was fantastic to work with the tutors and other experts by experience. The environment created at the college is amazing, and you really feel like you are making a positive difference.

The college is a fantastic tool to have in your box, but it is also important to do the things that make you happy. For me, this was playing cricket, which is an extremely social sport and I felt that with an improvement in my mental health, I played better and got on more with my teammates, I got my first ever 50 this year! I also realised what I enjoyed academically and went back into university to do a masters in Cardiovascular Research. I feel that when my mental health was at its lowest, I lost the path in what I enjoy, and studying cardiovascular research showed me what I love to do, help others! I also made new friends (across the world!!) and I hope I will stay in contact with them for a very long time.

For me personally, I truly believe that the college has been one of the best things to happen to me. I have learned so much and met so many fantastic people. While I am now venturing into my new career, which I am extremely looking forward to, it will be sad to leave the others, but I know the college will always be in safe hands! However, I do not see this as the end, and I am sure I will return to the college in the future.

Thank you, you have been awesome!