Pain explained

Have you ever questioned what ‘pain’ actually is and how it affects your wellbeing? In this session you will look at how pain responses are produced by the brain, how when you have an injury the autonomic  motor and immune systems respond, and why pain can continue after tissues have had plenty of time to heal. You will learn everyone is different!

Learning objectives:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of persistent pain.
  • Learn how to manage persistent pain.


"Thank-you I did very much enjoy the course and have also given constructive feedback on the form.  Looking forward to today’s course too. Many Thanks" - Maggy, Student

"I must say this is an excellent course for which I am very grateful. First Class." - Wendy, Student

"I took this course despite not having chronic pain, and I learned a lot of interesting facts that completely blew my mind as well as learned how to cope with pain should I get any in the future – They even played games to help us learn – great course, highly recommended even for those without persistent pain!" – Louisa, student and volunteer

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