Self-compassion for everyday life

Learn about the importance of self-compassion and how it can be used to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing. Discover new tools to help you learn how to be self-compassionate and use them in your everyday life.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognise how self-compassion can enhance wellbeing.
  • Learn how to practice self-compassion at home and in your everyday life.


“This course really showed me just how much pressure I was putting myself under. It didn’t matter I wasn’t able to do everything on the list, and this course taught me that creating really long to-do lists was always going to make me feel overwhelmed. I eventually realised that I was the source of all my own stress! Excellent course – highly recommend it!” – Louisa, student and volunteer

You can also read Helen's couragous story of how the will to obtain 'gold stars' and self compassion allowed her to free herself from her own wellbeing prison.

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